Candle of the Month Club
*NEW* It's the perfect gift for the candle lover in your life (even if that's yourself!). On sale cyber Monday ONLY for huge savings! It's a bargain you just can't pass up. We will send the first candle to you to wrap under the tree and a description of what their membership entitles them to! In addition, Briar Rose Candle Club members will also receive 10% off our store for the duration of their membership! After ordering, we will contact you via email to confirm who the membership belongs to.

Pillar Candle of the Month Club comes with one 4 1/2 inch crystal pillar in the months' scent and 3 votives, along with a scent of the month newsletter.

Jarred Candle of the Month Club includes One 20 oz Apothecary Jarred candle and 3 votives in the same scent.

Wax Lovers Membership includes a Tart Burner Starter pack with 5 tarts in the first month and then a wonderful 5 wax melts per month and 3 crystal votives! Perfect for any candle lover to try something new!

$ 0.00

Wax Dipped Bears
Wax Dipped Bears are back! Normally retailing for 19.99, enjoy these HUGE savings on wax dipped bears! Makes the perfect gift for the candle lovers in your life, or people who don't like to burn them! Wax dipped bears provide a flame free way to delightfully scent your room without any wicks or flame. Available in any of our scents, but popular scents remain Spring Rain, Clean Cotton, and Cinnamon Buns!
$ 14.99

Breakaways Soy Wax Melts
Just break away what you need and save the rest for later! This new, hassle free tart form is much easier and cleaner to use. Special introductory price of just $1.99!
$ 1.99

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