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Hi Leah, received the package when I got home yesterday, thank you so much for dropping it off. I am very pleased with all the scents, can’t wait to use them. Amazing how much the campfire smoke smells just like it (actually giving that one away for a Christmas gift). Thanks again and hope your holidays are great, Pam, PA

Hi Sherry.....I just received my candle order. What a great job!! The labeling is awesome and I especially liked the advertising and reference to the website on the top of the bride & groom bear cover sheet. We had a great time taking each one out of the box and taking turns smelling them all. I am very confident that I will do well at the shows...Thanks again, you guys rock! Gini, NY

Hi Sherry...Just wanted to say that the soy candles I ordered just a few days ago arrived today! I was very impressed that they arrived so fast, especially since a few of them were scents that were personalized. They look and smell just fantastic! After searching the web for many different soy candles, I was drawn to your site by the large choice of scents and for your wonderfully reasonable prices. I will let my friends and family know about your great candles so they too can enjoy them also! Thank you again, Lori from Wisconsin

Just want to let you know we received the candles and absolutely love them! They burn great and smell even better! Thanks so much, I'm sure we'll order again! Thanks, Karen E., OH

You did such a great job on them (the candles) and packed them so well. I appreciate all of your hard work.These days it is hard to find people who put in 100% in their work and it is obvious you do. I'm glad I found you! K., AR

The order arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it all including the labeling. It is absolutely perfect....Hope, TX

We are very happy with our order. The scents are great! Packaged well, speedy delivery. Not to mention reasonable prices!...It was a pleasure to get this order. We'll be sure to be putting in more orders regularly. Thank you so much! Jack and Linda,OH

I LOVE the Shampure!!!!!!!, and the cin. buns, carrot cake etc. VERY VERY HAPPY!!! I have been selling candles to friends everyday since the day I 1st recieved these awesome candles this was such a good move... (I look forward to) placing my next order which may happen sooner than I thought! Thank you for being your wonderful self and getting everything to me so quickly....It is appreciated!!!! Amy K., PA

I've been wanting to e-mail you about my recent candle order. My large shipment of wholesale candles arrived on Wednesday, and I couldn't be more pleased! After sifting through the mountains of packing material (Yikes! That certainly is not the fun part!), the first thing I looked at were my labels. I absolutely love them! Thank you so much for creating a design for me. Of course, I was extremely impressed by the quality of your candles. The scent throws are simply wonderful! I was tempted to light a few in my home, but I held back! : ) I also wanted to thank you for the excellent packaging of votives and tarts. The box that they come in is a definite bonus! Thank you so much for the speedy shipment and your wonderful customer service as well. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future!Amy S., IL

Many thanks for your terrific company! I enjoy your candles every single day. Your scents are so fragrant and amazingly accurate. Really appreciate your fast shipping and careful packaging of items. Your site's fun to visit and so easy to use. Looking forward to re-ordering soon! Terri, PA

I just got done putting the Great American Berry Pie tart in my tart burner & OH MY GOSH! The smell is over whelming. I put it in my bathroom a (14x14') room at the end of the house & after about 30 min. I could smell it as I was walking through the hall way(2 rooms over). That is by far the BEST smelling scent and the strongest that I have ever smelt before...Teresa, KY

I recently started my own business doing in-home candle parties. Briar Rose and the ladies there have been incredibly helpful. They were instrumental in setting up my entire product line, and are always willing to offer ideas and suggestions to make the processes easier and keep my costs down. They are very easy to work with and quick to take care of any needs that I have. I have managed retail stores for years and am really glad they are not in my area; their customer service can’t be matched. They would do a very quick and efficient job of putting others out of business. As far as I’m concerned it is the Customer service that is offered that makes the business profitable. These ladies go beyond what is expected and do a fantastic job of taking care of their customers. In addition to their customer service their product is also fantastic. The candles are all that they claim them to be and more. The plush are obviously done with much care to ensure that a good product is being turned out. In the area I live people have never heard of soy candles or dipped plush. I am very happy that I have such a high quality product to offer as an introductory line. Before purchasing from Briar Rose, I compared pricing as well as product lines to those of several other companies. I will never regret the decision I made to buy from Briar Rose! I am able to maintain high margins and still offer a competitively priced high quality product to my customers. I really appreciate all that they have helped me to accomplish.... Stephanie, ID

Sherry is great to work with! Briar Rose Candles is open to new ideas and is extremely helpful & knowledgable. It is a pleasure to have gotten to know them! And what yummy scents! Thank You! Pamela, CO

These are awesome business. I own a JCP catalog desk and sell Avon and I have recently added Briar Rose candles with the name of my co on them and I can't keep them on the shelf...they are awesome and I am a candle nut, and I think these are the best I have ever tried. They can't pour them fast enough for me. I never thought they would go as fast as they do and the fragrances are wonderful...And thanks Sherry for helping me keep things straight you guys are wonderful!!! Happy Pouring… Cindy, NC

I am so excited. I received my shipment today and everything is absolutely beautiful. Way more than I expected. I thought that my label would only be on my candles. What a great surprise to see the label on everything!!! I feel so fortunate to have found your company. Be looking for many more orders coming in the future.I absolutely love the look of my private label!!!!! You are great!!!! Tina, WA

It is amazing how they (the candles)go, people are wild in my little town over them, and the name (private label)really helps!!!! I found that out today, it made that 75.00 feel like nothing....that lady made my day. She said she went to a friends house and she had a candle burning and the remembered it by the label, that was awesome to hear!! As always thanks for all your help without you guys there would be no candles.

I bought three of your Briar Rose Soy Candles and they are wonderful! They last much longer than paraffin candles, the scent is much stronger than other candles, but not verwhelming, and Ive received numerous compliments when burning them. I'm really glad that I found your have a product that lives up to its name and is reasonably priced for what you receive. Plus I ordered them and received them really fast. You've definitely sold me on your candles! Thanks for the free upgrade when you didn't have the size I requested. What more could a customer ask? Debbie B.

We have ordered from you several times over the past two years. We are always very happy with the scents, selection, and prices. Shipping time is phenomenal. If anybody is hesitant about ordering candles online they can be confident that they will be very happy with any of your products. We have recommended your online store many times. Just can't say enough good things about you and your products. Looking forward to placing another order with you! Linda, OH

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